Welcome To Iyara Riverkwai Saiyok Kanchanaburi

SaitharnIyara Resort
River KwaiNoi – Kanchanaburi
For an Exciting Holiday or a Relaxing Weekend.

SaitharnIyara resort is nestled among the bank of the world’s historic river,
River Kwai in Kanchanaburi province, Thailand. It is a serene hideaway
place surrounded by verdant greenery and mountain ranges along.
This marvelous jungle Eco tourist styled hotel beside a Kwai River will
impresses you by tropical natural environment located near mountains and
stunning cliffs with River Kwai flowing by The resort individual bungalow
for utmost privacy and comfort. All accommodations are sit on stunning
contour landscape face to the mountains and tropical gardens and also
please you with scent of wild flowers.

SaitharnIyararesort also offers a variety of activities, for example:
Bamboo Rafting which you can enjoy swimming and water activity
we prepare for you ,ATV, Elephant conservative program and traditional
and soothing herbal Thai massage In the evening, Iyara restaurant
presents local dishes and guests will be able to attend local cultural
performances . SaitharnIyararesort also Provides separated zones
for Halal Tourism. Please feel free to staying with us at Saitharn Iyara Resort


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